Growing a tiny life inside is… beautiful and, beyond doubt life’s greatest gift. But, it is also exhausting, and at times stressful. Taking time to regenerate your body and mind, and embrace the journey is an important part of any pregnancy. We hear of health retreats all the time however, it is not often we hear of retreat’s that cater purely for deserving Mum’s to be… until now that is.

With winter in full swing we set off down the surf coast to a pregnancy specific, wellness retreat. In three words… IT WAS MAGIC. Five women with six babies on board. We all had different stories to share and we were all at differing stages of pregnancy and life but, the one thing we had in common was that we were all carrying life’s most precious cargo.

Now, if you’re going to retreat for a few days you want it to be somewhere that feeds the soul. Enter ‘The Summer House’. Located in Torquay this stunning home sweeps you off your feet, and whisks you away from the moment you walk through the door. An abundance of natural light on even the dullest of days immediately lighten’s the load, and the warm furnishings and fixtures make you feel right at home. We all agreed that it would be very hard to wake up unhappy in this house. Welcomed with beautiful gifts for Mums and bubs, luxury body products from The Essentials and snuggly baby wraps from Goldie and Ace allowed all the ladies to feel special and completely loved up.

This warm and inviting space became our haven and a really special environment for five women to be heard and feel safe. There were countless cups of tea sipped while we watched the world pass by from the balcony that wraps around the property, and the reading nook was the perfect spot to fill the normally neglected baby books.

In the evenings, we found ourselves spread across the large dining table enjoying fruit and cheese platters as we toasted our mocktails. We continued to sit at the table all night long, scarring the first time mum with our less favourable moments from childbirth (sorry Anna), looking to the future and sharing our thoughts about what life will look like with our impending arrivals. We also touched on the hard stuff; miscarriages, newborn life with twins, fertility struggles and stillbirth. As one of our Mumma’s shared her heart wrenching journey of losing her daughter at 37 weeks, there were tears, there were hugs and there was a tribe of women all bonding together to heal and grow.

Whilst there were deeply raw moments we also had plenty of laugh’s and lot’s of fun. Part of our retreat saw us lucky enough to try out Blossom and Glow’s gorgeous maternity collection, and let’s just say we are never taking off the lounge pants EVER! As any pregnant woman would tell you, we often don’t feel our best and clothes that fit well and feel great are hard to find, so it was extra special to indulge in a wardrobe of style and comfort!

We spent one of our mornings with amazing local photographer Monika Berry who helped capture our beautiful bellies and changing bodies and who made sure to remind us to embrace our bump’s and pose with confidence. One thing we all agreed upon is that none of us took enough photos in our first pregnancy and we regretted it. The retreat was the perfect excuse to get snap happy and take those glowing shots to celebrate our bodies and the babies growing inside.

On our final afternoon we spent an hour in the on-site yoga studio with Jo from Revitilize Lifestyle. Jo guided us through a yoga class that focused on gentle poses, breathing and mindfulness. It was the first time in many month’s we all had a chance to be nothing other than present.

This retreat was everything we had hoped for. Questions were asked, worries were voiced and experiences shared. Long, uninterrupted soaks in the bath were had and good food was shared.  We all walked away a little more knowledgeable and grateful for the opportunity to make new friends. It was commonly agreed upon that a few days away to just be, and to happily talk all things babies was exactly what we needed and we are now more ready than ever to welcome these babies earth-side.

*A huge congratulations to Keely who has since welcomed her beautiful baby boy Eoin into the world over the weekend.








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Thank you to our amazing Mummas:
Rebecca Little
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