Happy International Women’s Day! #IWD2020

We asked our fierce female tribe who inspires them and why…

See below in their own words…



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Member of the US House of Representatives

I stay up late late laaaate watching AOC in news and political streaming videos…

Alexandria is the youngest woman to be elected to Congress in America – she is only 30! A literal bad ass with brains, she stands for renewable energy and climate change action; tuition free colleges; women’s health and the rights for women to make decisions regarding their own bodies; criminal justice reform; universal healthcare; equality for women, men and children – of every colour, race, religion and socio-economic background.

She speaks out against immigration laws separating children from their parents at the border. She takes on big pharmaceutical companies and demands they explain why they make billion dollar profits, whilst regular folk can’t afford to buy insulin, or medication, or even see a doctor in the first place because it costs too much.

She fights for the little guy, and does so with intelligence, eloquence, grace and strength. This small, young Puerto Rican woman confronts old white powerful men who have made the laws only to make themselves richer- and makes them accountable. She exposes inequality and uses each day to try to make the world a little bit fairer for everyone.

Even though she is in America, and their political system seems so distant to my little life here in Melbourne, she has renewed my interest in politics in general, and taught me that if you have a voice, use it. Every single voice counts. Every action counts. Every vote counts. Every small act of kindness and thought given to someone less fortunate than yourself, counts. And that, is universal.

Jane Austen

Although born long before my time, Austen’s novels are so brilliantly written with quick wit, irony and realism that I fell in love the moment I first read Pride and Prejudice. I discovered her book when I was around 8 or 9 years old and I devoured it, and then went on to love all of her other novels and poetry also.

She cleverly wrote about women’s roles and gender equality, and allowed me, as a young girl, to know that it was okay to break the rules, be loud, be assertive, voice my opinions, take up space… and to not worry myself with anyone who thought I should be quiet or small, or polite, because that’s ‘how good girls behave’… she made a feisty rebel out of me, whilst also nurturing my hopeless romantic side, and teaching me to never settle for anything less than absolute real love.

Through her work, she helped change the way the world viewed women, and their roles in society. Jane believed women had so much more to offer, than just to be married off to an appropriate suitor and bear children; and encouraged women to fight against the sexism and misogyny of their time, and show their value in creative arts, industry and business. She wanted women to be able to choose their own husbands, or not marry at all, if they didn’t want to! (Scandalous, in the 18th century!) Women being independent, free thinkers, was a common theme across her stories, and her female characters were sassy heroines – never the ‘waiting for a man to rescue her damsel in distress’…

In her era, it wasn’t ‘proper’ for a woman to be a writer, and she first had to publish her work anonymously. (This was the time where women were not legally allowed to sign legal documents or contracts) Initially, she took on all the risk, and paid all the costs involved to print and publish her stories herself, and that kind of ‘back yourself’ attitude is so inspiring! In her lifetime, she never saw a printed copy of any of her work with her name on it – she wasn’t looking for fame or status, simply to put her beautiful words out into the world, and I’m so thankful she did. I re-read her novels every few years, and they don’t lose any of their magic. They are masterpieces.


Felicity Little
Owner of Port Fairy B&B. Single mum with 3 girls. Artist and Graphic Designer. Owner of Business Folk and Lmm Designs. Proves that you can do it all if you work hard enough.
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Jessie Rigby
Australian Contemporary Artist. Absolutely love her art, the colour pallet she uses and how she draws inspiration from her surrounds in the Macedon Ranges. Would love to be able to paint like her and exhibit work all around the country.
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My Mum
She is strong, so kind & smart, puts literally 100% into everything she does and every day makes me want to be a better person/mum. Simple as that. I couldn’t do without her.
Lauren Samuels
I genuinely admire what you have achieved in your personal and professional life. Your work ethic and determination to make a business from scratch and to have it succeed and grow they way it has is so inspiring. The way you juggle all aspects of your life (most importantly being an amazing Mum) and make everyone in your life feel so important and included is admirable to say the least. Thank you for making me want to continue to be a “working mumma” and for having me as a small part of your Tribe!


Ruth Langley
Ten years ago she hired me as a waitress in a function centre. She then became my very first marketing manager, and from there progressed into the mentor I never knew I needed, and the beautiful friend I’ll always love. Ruth’s advice is second to none and has guided me throughout my career. The person she is, the work she does, and the time she has for others – Ruth inspires me to be the best version of myself each and everyday.
Emily Yates
We all have that person we follow on Instagram who is totally a best friend since forever, and yet they actually have no idea who you are. Emily Yates, or @emelinaah, is mine. Body confident, sassy as all hell, hugely talented and the matriarch of a beautiful life full of so much family and friendship. She inspires me to surround myself with the best and to be the best. May we one day sip margaritas together in real life!


For me women in general are fricken amazing and inspiring. We all have our own stories to tell and they are filled with adversity and hardships but WOW when you take time to learn about the fierce girl boss from school or your next door neighbour who plays mum and dad or that young girl who has fought cancer and still looks at life with beauty. Well that to me is inspiring!
I feel extremely proud of the TRIBE I’m creating and the fact that I honestly will do what I can, anyway I can to ensure we as a business and my team individually have every opportunity to live our best lives as empowered females making our mark on the world.
Professionally I look to the likes of Emma Isaacs (Business Chicks) who is the mum to 5 kids and has an incredibly successful business, she reminds me that we have the ability to make our own rules when it comes to being a girl boss and that you can have both world domination on the work and home front. I’m also a huge fan of Kemi Nekvapil who is a women’s business coach, speaker and author and I look to her hugely to understand my own thoughts, leadership style and how to shift into the best woman I can be.
I’m blessed on a personal level because my family and friends show me everyday on in so many ways what it means to be a woman who knows her worth, who will stand up for what she believes in and shows up to make this world better for the next generation of females.


2 women I admire…2 fierce females… I could come up with hundreds off boss ass bitches who get me through life. Celebrities, family medical professionals… the list goes on. But honestly when it comes down to who I admire, to me that’s it’s really more about who’s changed my life.

Quite honestly as a women, who has just found out she’s going to become a mother later this year. There’s two strong males in this world who have truly set me up to feel like I can handle anything that life’s about to throw my way.

Not only that, I know that through passing on their knowledge, I’ve been able to help other women in my path too.

So who are the two men who have made me celebrate who I am this year?

Kerwin Rae: why?

Well for one he speaks just as fast as I do. But more importantly over 3 days he taught me more about life, business, parenting & everything in between.

That small breaks are good for you.

That business isn’t a race against anyone but yourself.

That I am way more capable that I thought (trust me sleepless nights up working to completed an ebook will teach you that.

Most important the way he interacts with his son. If I can come anywhere to close to how he is with Noah, I’ll be one proud Mumma.

Next up:

Scott Pape, also known as the barefoot investor.

Had I have not read this book a year before falling pregnant, I’d probably be a blubbering mess of “how are we going to do this?!” And rolling into more and more debt.

Instead? with my savings behind me, a little family support and a formula to manage money long term, we bought a family car in cash andddd bought our first home, are not completely petrified of the on going repayments, especially with some time off work coming up soon.

Im really proud that we achieved this. If you asked me 18 months ago when I’d be buying a house… it would probably be at 35. No joke without the tools to get my mindset & finances in check, I don’t even want to think about the position we couldn’t have been in.

I’m celebrating me this international women’s day, thanks to the support and advice I’ve learned to accept. Advice from men or women, as long as were willing to accept it and work darn hard – we’ve got this.

We’re women, we can do anything.