We all know that marketing plays a crucial role in any business. Correctly implemented strategies, proper branding and appropriate campaigns that connect with potential customers and encourage them to engage with your product is vital to your professional success. So with this big emphasis on marketing, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, and the age old debate seems to always boil down to ‘should I have an in-house marketing team, or hire an agency?’. 

Now, of course since The Vibe Tribe is a social media and marketing agency, we maaaay be a little (okay, a LOT) biased, but here we are going to break down the benefits of appointing an agency over hiring your own internal team, and do our best to explain why it’s more effective for your business.

Firstly, ‘in-house marketing’ means your marketing will be done by people who are hired by your company, and you don’t use a third party to manage your marketing. In the spirit of fairness, we will concede that hiring an in-house marketing team can promote cohesive branding because as your employees, the team will be fully aligned with your vision and goals. 

HOWEVER! A major downside is that to run an effective in-house marketing team, you will need to hire the right people which can be a long and exhausting process. Then you take on the  responsibility of salaries, sick leave, annual leave, superannuation, and other onboarding costs of each employee, before then needing to find them desk space, manage performance, training, and handle office politics! If you need to scale up your marketing program rapidly, you may be slowed down by having to find and hire more employees. It’s very common for in-house marketing teams to get stuck in a rut with creative styles and repetitive marketing strategy; and if a key member of your team quits, your entire marketing program may freeze until you can find a replacement. Many business owners mistakenly believe that an external marketing agency is too costly and unaffordable, but when you compare it to the ongoing costs of an employee, or several employees to make up your in-house team, the benefits of an agency begin to reveal themselves!

Depending on your marketing needs, your team will require several different skill sets to cover the many facets of marketing – such as website design and development, social media management, advertising, content creation, graphic design, SEO copywriting, email marketing, – the list goes on and on! That’s several different employees on your payroll to encompass all of those required talents, whereas that range of skills and expertise is inbuilt with your chosen agency.

For example: at The Vibe Tribe, there are 6 staff that all have a very broad knowledge, understanding and experience with social media management and marketing. Any one of us could competently care for your marketing requirements. But on top of that, each team member has a very specific role, and expert knowledge within their specialist field. We have a dedicated copywriter. A website wizard. A graphic designer who is also an actual artist in her own right. A queen of content creation.… you get the drift. So together we make a formidable team of marketing mavens that have the creativity, expertise and experience required to create, plan, and manage your requirements.

Agencies are also very well connected, meaning they have many more resources, tools and contacts at their disposal to get the job done quicker and more effectively than an in-house team. If you were ever in need of supplementary marketing services – advertisement script writing, video production or PR services for example – your best bet would be an agency. And when it comes to must-have technologies (and keeping up with those technologies and staying abreast of the trends), digital subscriptions, necessary tools, software, work-flows and streamlined processes that are built for volume, efficiency and quality, agencies again take the cake.

In terms of what we believe to be the most important aspect of marketing, we wholeheartedly believe that agencies also win with creativity, originality and innovation. Now, we are absolutely not saying that in-house teams are not creative – they certainly are! However, where agencies have the edge is that they are full of dynamic people and creative energy on the daily, which helps them take on several projects at once with ease; and consistently come up with fresh perspectives, original ideas and content.

If you do choose to hire internally, then an agency might be needed for a short period of time before your in-house team gets set up and flowing. Or you may need to hire an agency for a specific project that your in-house team can’t accommodate. Or we may have convinced you well enough by this blog to hire an external agency (pick us, pick us!) Regardless of your requirements, in whatever capacity you need them, agencies add massive value to your marketing, business and ultimately – your profits. The bottom line is simply this – an agency focuses on one thing and one thing only – your company’s marketing strategy, allowing you to focus on all the other aspects of your successful and growing business!

If you would like to chat about what a marketing agency can do for your business – reach out to us at The Vibe Tribe – we would love to chat!