hey, I'm Lauren

creator, dreamer + leader

‘It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice’ is a motto that Lauren Samuels lives by… Being humble, following her intuition and doing all things with kindness is at the very core of who Lauren is as the fearless leader of her boutique creative digital marketing agency, The Vibe Tribe.

Lauren started her agency with the aim of connecting people, telling stories and helping businesses think outside the box to achieve their marketing goals. After several successful years in business and having worked on everything from publishing magazines, coordinating large scale influencer events, managing nationwide social media accounts and creating and producing travel and tourism campaigns, Loz is Melbourne's go-to gal for all things social media and digital marketing in the hospitality, events, travel and food realm.

When she’s not creating stellar marketing strategies, making unique content or developing courses to help other creatives and rebel entrepreneurs succeed with their own marketing plans; you can find her sipping numerous cups of tea per day, making hilarious TikTok videos with her husband, puppy training her chocolate lab and telling her youngest daughter to stop climbing the furniture for the eleventy-bajillionth time. (the eldest is too sweet and would never!)

Lauren is all about positivity, creativity and good vibes. And chocolate.
Lots and lots of chocolate.

A lot of country class, confident sass and a little badass... 

Always coming up with creative content, our bubbly and bright Jess is amazingly adept at turning products, services and brands into a warm, personable and inviting voice. With over a decade of experience in marketing, Jess brings a wealth of knowledge to help our clients creatively communicate their stories across various marketing channels including social media, events, digital and print - creating a strong brand voice, increasing engagement and improving overall recognition and reputation.

Social media


Keely is a true artist. Literally. When she isn’t creating content or using her Graphic Design degree to make our clients' visual digital dreams come true, Keely creates her own stunning abstract acrylic art pieces, available to purchase. She is a creative soul through and through, has an acute eye for detail, a love of colour and big ideas, and possesses the amazing ability of understanding, and nailing, the client brief every time. 

Humble warrior with her own special kind of magic

graphic designer




web designer

With an extensive background in business development, commerce and digital marketing;  Stephanie works efficiently to make your website hustle as hard as you do! 
Steph is your girl to get your website looking sleek and functioning the way it should for your business. On top of her website wizardry, Steph is also a legend when it comes to facebook advertising, SEO, reporting and analytics.

She's got that independent, wake up and make sh!t happen type vibe


Day dreamer, adventure seeker, rule breaker, mischief maker

Forever with her head in either a book or the clouds, our copywriter Erin is a day dreamer,  literature lover and a little witchy with words.  With a solid grasp of language and the love of a good story, Erin is able to weave words into blogs, website copy, bios, articles and marketing materials that are original, engaging and SEO optimised. Erin shares our clients' written narrative by adopting their tone of voice, thorough research, a storytelling approach and just the right amount of humour and attitude!



Kind heart, fierce mind, sweet soul, brave spirit

Start with a wedding and events background, add insane admin skills and a military grade level of organisation, sprinkle in a clever brain geared for logistics and planning, and you end up with our wonderful ray of sunshine, Kate. 
Always cheerful, adaptable and nothing is ever too much trouble, Kate is the little powerhouse that ensures all our ducks are in a row, all t's are crossed and i's dotted, and our big creative event plans are executed flawlessly.

We get by with a little help from our friends...

We are called The Vibe Tribe for a reason! We only ever want to be surrounded with great, genuine, positive peeps; and we only fill our tribe with trusted and reputable professionals that pass the vibe check.

We are so lucky to include in our supergroup, these uber talented, creative and energetic legends that we call upon for specialist project work when required.



We are a tribe of bloody good humans who value honesty, integrity and kindness. Do what you say and say what you mean.


We believe in going the extra mile, we believe in making a difference and we believe in making a positive impact on every individual we work with.


We know we are stronger together and we embrace a collaborative spirit. 


We go with our gut, we trust the process and we know there is alot to be said for vibes.

Our Values

all about

This is a tribe for people...

Who show up ,
Who are motivated ,
Who find the lessons, 
Who lead with kindness
Who enjoy the little things 


not about

bandaid fixes,
that hustle game

"I'm one of those people who believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Why can't you juggle motherhood while running a business and be great at both.''

Lauren Samuels

Aus Mumpreneur Winner



If you're ready to level up your business, master your marketing and achieve some serious goals, we've got you. Get in touch to chat about where you're currently at, where you want to be, and how we can help get you there.