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2022 is already looking so much brighter than previous years for business, which means now is the perfect time to get cracking on creating killer content that re-engages your online community.

The Vibe Tribe has some tips to do a quick assessment of your socials with content prompts and easy guidelines to help you develop your social outline…

✖️ Keep it on brand

This seems obvious but we see all too often business owners getting caught up in the haze of the latest trends, trying to do what others do or just posting for posting's sake. It can absolutely be exhausting to be creative every day and deliver content gold on multiple platforms, we know. Our advice is to always keep in mind your brand values, vibe and vision. This should help steer your direction and take the pressure off umming and arring if you should be doing a dancing reel or not, if it doesn’t feel aligned with your brand, DON’T DO IT!

If your audience was to flick from your website to one of your social media platforms or pick up your business card you want them to be able to recognise your brand and content. Be consistent, yes get creative but keep it true to you.

‘Branding is the art of aligning’

✖️ Platform specific

In order for your audience to engage and ultimately convert into clients you need to ensure your content is platform specific. For example it’s pointless putting your blog link in an Instagram caption, they can’t click it.

Each platform caters to its own particular audience and they all have their own expectations of what they want to see on the platform. Things to consider when planning your cross channel content is the use of hashtags and emojis, your caption lengths, your writing style and tone of voice, and calls to action.

Understand the audience you are talking to on each platform, the platforms capabilities and tweak accordingly.

✖️ Post prompts

There was most definitely a collective burnt out felt on socials in 2021. With an intense year for all business owners it was hard to think straight, get creative and have the brain capacity to think about delivering a value packed social media strategy. Here is a quick guide to help guide you out of that creative block and help you plan your social media content calendar.

-Add value by providing insight and giving some of your top tips and tricks
-Educate your audience on the industry and topics you specialise in
-Connect with your audience by showing up and letting them see who you are, personal moments or behind the scenes
-Excite and delight your audience. Keep your content fresh, get creative and give them more of what they love (maybe the love sneak peeks or you dancing in reels give them some of your fun side)
- Sell by telling your audience what you offer, how it can benefit and help them and be clear with how they can best work with you

Follow these prompts to start producing more engaging content.

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